On Thursday, September 10th, from 22:30...

Come to our Welcome Erasmus Party Year 2015-2016!

The university year is about to start at the University of Vigo and almost all of you are already in Vigo... What a better way to celebrate it than a Welcome Party with ESN Vigo?

After finding a flat and meeting your international family this could be for many of you the first party in Vigo and we want you to celebrate all together, as you are Erasmus students or exchange students in this lovely city and you have to think about the upcoming semester that awaits you all.

Hope to see you all at 986 Cervecería y Chupitería on Thursday, September 10th from 10:30 PM and then we are going to Bamboo from midnight. After that, we will continue the party in Discoteca Loft , one of the most famous discos in Vigo.
Don't forget enjoy all the night!

And, as always, you get advantages with your ESNCard:

Free entrance in the 3 clubs.

In 986 Cervecería - Chupitería:
Bottle pack at €22 (without ESNcard, €24)
Bottle pack at €26 (without ESNcard, €28)
Bottle pack at €30 (without ESNcard, €30)
Súper 2 at €6, except special reserves
On Thursdays, get 5 free shots with every beer bucket (€4.5)
On Thursdays, all long drinks at €3 or less (some at €2.5 depending on the type of drink!)

In Bamboo Pub:
Until 3.30, discounts in super2 of different brands.
Long drinks for 2,5 €.
Beers for 2,5 €.

In LOFT: Super2 for 6€

10/09/2015 - 22:30 to 11/09/2015 - 06:30