Anybody who registers for an ESN Vigo trip must accept the following terms and conditions:

Indispensable travel requirements:

  • To fill out the booking form
  • To pay the trip at the bank, according to the instructions given on completion of the form

General conditions:

  • Should a minimum number of travellers not be achieved, the trip can be cancelled and the money refunded to those who have already paid, in accordance with the terms that ESN Vigo and the affected persons agree.
  • Should the passenger not be present at the point of departure at the established time and miss the mean of transport in question, no refund of the money paid for the trip shall be applicable.
  • Should a refund be applicable, a notification via email will be sent to the affected person(s), which they shall answer within a period of 30 days to arrange the refund terms. No refund shall be made after that period.

Conditions of the trip and travellers:

  • Only ESN Vigo members are allowed in our trips. Therefore, all attendees must hold a valid ESNcard.
  • It is the traveller’s responsibility to be at the indicated meeting point in due time. Travellers shall be punctual at the departure time and the other times indicated in the schedule, so that the other attendees need not wait. Shall the delay be longer than 15 minutes after the indicated time, the driver shall have the right to start the vehicle, thus suspending the transportation service for the delayed passenger with no right to a refund.
  • Should any problems or relevant complaints arise, the responsible for the trip shall be informed, who will make a decision and inform the ESN Vigo authority.
  • Passengers are kindly requested to watch their belongings at any time. ESN Vigo shall not be held responsible for thefts or losses of valuables during the trip.
  • In case of breakdown, adverse weather conditions, or any other problem not related to the organization, ESN Vigo shall not guarantee a money refund to the participants.

Lodging conditions:

  • Rooms are booked during the days indicated in the trip information only. Participants shall leave the room and check out by the time indicated by the trip organizers.
  • An ESN Vigo representative shall carry out the room assignment on arrival to the accommodation. The intention of ESN Vigo is for all passengers to be satisfied with their roommates and the room itself, but due to obvious organizational reasons, a room distribution according to the requests of every participant can not be guaranteed
  • The accommodation fees will be the same for every participant, regardless room size
  • All the rules imposed by the lodging managers shall be respected. Participants must be aware of such rules on arrival. Those who cause any damage at the lodging premises shall cover themselves the corresponding reparation costs.


  • ESN Vigo shall not be liable for any behaviours, attitude or action not indicated by the coordinators of our activities, as well as for negligent actions or actions that hinder the development, proper execution and correct practice of the activity. The member agrees to provide updated and accurate information for the registration and to pay the activity’s fee. Otherwise, under no circumstances shall any liability be attributable to the organization ESN Vigo.
  • ESN Vigo shall not be liable for the failure to fulfill regulations, rules or conditions established by each of the providers of contracted services. It is the user’s responsibility to be informed about these regulations
  • Generally, ESN Vigo will NOT assume transport costs of participants who have to be moved prematurely to the accommodation or to a health center, as well as any other displacement that was not specified in the tour program. In particular, the costs of transfer of a person from disease or illness arising from irresponsible or massive alcohol consumption or other harmful substances will not be assumed, under any circumstances; or motivated by an illegal irresponsible behavior that may endanger their physical integrity or others. In any of these cases, the person transferred will assume all the costs occasioned from displacement, including, when appropriate, the return of the coordinator accompanying them.
  • ESN Vigo reserves the right to modify the program of travel for better development thereof, or any other justified cause.

The total or partial payment of the trip implies acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein.


Once paid the trip, the amount thereof is not directly refundable. Participants who can not eventually attend the trip must first inform the responsible of the trip by sending them an email. In this case, the participant has to find a substitute* to get his/her place, although the waiting list for the trip, which will be managed first by the head of the trip, is to be followed. In the event that the participant cannot find anyone, he/she will be replaced immediately by somebody from the waiting list. In case nobody is in that list and the participant cannot get a replacement, money won’t be refunded.


Every participant must be provided with:

  1. a valid passport or identity card, with all the visas and necessary requirements,
  2. their own personal, valid ESNcard, and
  3. a health card or documents providing medical coverage.

The trip management shall not allow the admission to the means of transport to anyone not carrying the necessary documents.

ESN Vigo shall not be liable in the event that an authority refuses to issue a visa for a participant in the trip, either because they fail to fulfill any of the requirements or due to defects in their passport, and any expense incurred thereof will be borne by the traveler, to whom the conditions for the cancellation of services shall be applied in these circumstances.