This is what you should know in order to arrive in Pontevedra if you land in A Coruña, Santiago, Vigo, or Porto:

A Coruña Airport (Alvedro)

This airport is close to the city centre, so it is really easy to arrive there. The company Autos Cal Pita covers the route every half hour and there are a lot of stops in A Coruña. The route of the bus line 443 from the airport takes 30 minutes and costs 1.50 €. From there you can come to Pontevedra by bus or train. The train and bus tickets can be bought at the station.

A Coruña → Pontevedra: 2 h by bus; approx. 1 and a half hours by train.

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Santiago Airport (Lavacolla)

The airport is located in the outskirts of Santiago, so you will have to take the airport shuttle in order to arrive in the city (it takes about 20-30 min depending on traffic). The single ticket costs 3 euros. If you decide to stop at the bus station, the company Monbus covers the route Santiago-Pontevedra every day quite often. However, if you prefer to come by train, get off at the train station stop and buy your ticket there.

Santiago → Pontevedra: 1 h by bus. 50-60 min by train.

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Vigo Airport (Peinador)

This airport is the closest one to Pontevedra and has a bus line to the centre of Vigo (Vitrasa line 9A). If you would like to go to the train station, get off at the stop in 13 rúa Urzaiz. From there, the lines L8, L16 and L24 will take you to the train station Vigo-Guixar, where you can buy your ticket to Pontevedra.

However, if you prefer to go to Pontevedra by bus, you should get off at the stop in 7 Travesía de Vigo (Choróns) and take the line L4C or L23 from there to the bus station. The company Monbus covers the route Vigo-Pontevedra every hour.

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Porto Airport (Francisco Sá Carneiro)

From this airport you can arrive in Pontevedra with two bus companies:

  • Autna covers the route Porto-Vigo several times a day and some of the buses go on to Pontevedra. If this is not the case, you can take another bus from Vigo.
  • ALSA connects as well Porto with Santiago de Compostela and this route has a stop in Pontevedra, although these buses do not run so frequently.

Porto → Pontevedra 170 km, 1h 45 min (direct trip from Porto to Pontevedra. It will be longer if you have to stop in Vigo and take another bus)

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