When you are preparing your trip you probably will have some doubts about the weather, the city, etc. Below we’ll try to give you all the information you may need, but if you still have doubts just ask us!. 


Vigo has a mild climate, without big temperature changes. Winter is usually not too cold (average temperatures between 5ºC/40ºF 12ºC/55ºF--, and seldom below 0ºC/32ºF) and summer is not too hot (average temperature around 25ºC/75ºF, hardly often is warmer than 30ºC/86ºF).
You only have to care about the rain, as it’s quite frequent. You may have to put an umbrella and a cagoule in your bag, although you won’t have any problem to find them here.
But don’t worry, we have plenty of sunny days to enjoy, so bring your swimwear and beach stuff too!

Which documents will you need?

First of all, as in any other trip, you have to bring your ID and your passport. We recommend you to bring both although you are from the European Union, as there are cheap flights from Porto to many non-EU destinations (Morocco, for instance) and many exchange students usually organize trips by themselves.
Just in case, make sure those documents are valid up to 6 months after your expected returning day, because even though you haven’t thought about extending your stay here. That way, you won’t have any bureaucratic problem if you change your mind. We warn you: once you’re here you’ll never want to go!.
You will also need a health insurance card. If you belong to the EU, you have to request the European Health Insurance Card en tu país. n your country. In the rest of the countries you’ll have to find out how to get health coverage in Spain.
It’s very important you make sure your health insurance is valid during ALL your stay in Spain (including the case you extend it). If your insurance expires, you will need to pay for medical attention (for instance, an emergency admission costs at least 300€).
Don’t forget the documents from your home university accrediting you as an exchange student. In case you are an Erasmus student, it’s very important for you to bring your Letter of Acceptance. 
You can find out some more information about the academic procedure for the recognition of your Erasmus scholarship by reading the guide ESN has created.
Visa: you will need a visa if you are not from the European Union. You will have to request it at the Spanish Consular Office in your home country. Find out if you really need it and request it in good time before travelling. In some cases you may be required to request your visa up to 4 months in advance.

Finally, it’s advisable to bring some ID-size photographs with you, as you might need them for different proceedings during the first days. Of course, you can have them taken in Vigo, but it’s easier if you bring them already. Most of the times a colour copy will suffice.


You can look for a room on the Internet, but it’s usually better to wait and see it before making a decision. There are plenty of them available and you won’t have any problem to find one you like once you are in Vigo.
So, you should book a room at a hostel in the city centre for your first night at least. Bear in mind that if you arrive during the weekend, you’ll have to wait until Monday to start to look for a room.
The university is 15 km away from the city, so don’t look for anything nearby! ;-)

You can find more information in the websites of the different exchange programs: ErasmusISEP and others.
And... you’re almost ready to come to Vigo!

Are you worried about not knowing what to do when you get here?

In ESNVigo we want to make your time in Vigo enjoyable since the very first moment, and that’s why we have created the Buddy Program. You can ask for a volunteer to help you on your first days and solve your doubts. You only have to fill the form and wait until your buddie
contacts you.

Have a good trip! We are waiting for you!