Collecting plastic caps? 

Yes, you have read well and it is definitely not a joke. It is in fact an initiative of the SocialErasmus project promoted by ESN AISBL at an international level.

What are these caps for?

Plastic caps are collected and donated to associations that take them to recycling companies where they are exchanged for money. This money is used to raise funds for the activities and actions carried out by the associations. In ESN Vigo we donate the caps to local or regional associations that work to improve the life of the people who need it the most, such as people with limited resources, functional diversity or rare diseases, or people at risk of social exclusion, for example. With this action we do not only recycle plastic, but also help to improve society through other associations.

What do we do with them?

Once a month or every two months, we will have a caps collection event that you will be able to attend in order to drop your caps. If you cannot participate in the event and you already have a big amount of caps that you cannot keep at home, contact us by sending an email to

Which ones are useful?

AS LONG AS THEY ARE MADE OF PLASTIC, all caps and lids are valid. For example, caps from water bottles, milk bricks, shampoos, deodorants... 

Even the caps in pens, gas canisters or toothpaste tubes will do!


As you can see, solidarity and ecology are a perfect match!

The next caps collection in Vigo will be on May 18th in Diversum Concept Café!

In Ourense you already have a box in Charlotte to leave your caps! It will be available until 11th of May.