Currently, more than 500 people belong to the “Vigo Time Bank” program. Through their participation, Vigo is becoming a more socially responsible city and shows its interest in different social areas (sport, education, culture, leisure...)

What is a Time Bank?

A time bank is an entity where goods, knowledge and services are exchanged. Its currency is the hour, and it is counted using time cheques. It is not a direct exchange between two people, but a community network where everybody offers and asks for what they are interested in.

How does it work?

People deposit some hours of their time, by offering some service, knowledge or good. In exchange, they can ask for someone else’s time to some of their daily needs.

Who can join?

Those exchange students staying in Vigo for at least two semesters.

What can be done?

The activities depend directly on the users’ specific abilities and skills. Those range from teaching different subjects (Maths, Chemistry, Computer Science, Languages...) to painting a wall, keeping an elderly person company, walking dogs or any other demanded activity.

How to become an user?

Go to your nearest community centre contact any of the following:

CC Casco Vello:

CC Coruxo :

CC Saiáns:

CC Teis :