Have you ever wanted to experience the magic of Harry Potter? Have you ever wondered how Quidditch would be in real life? Then this event is for you.
Come to the artificial pitch at the university on Tuesday 16th to try Quidditch, the fun sport from Harry Potter, for yourself. At 17:00 we will explain to you how to play, and then there will be several games so that you can experience it for yourself. 
Quidditch is a mixed and inclusive sport which combines elements from handball, rugby and softball, so it is very complete and different. It also maintains the spirit of the magic sport. 
If you want to attend, make sure to fill in this FORM, because the pitch has limited capacity. 
The only things you will need are enthusiasm to play, competitive mood and sport clothes. We will provide everything else! 
16/11/2021 - 17:00
University Sports Hall