Do you feel like trying something exciting which will leave you with an unforgettable memory? Then register to join the Bungee Jumping and Canyoning event on Saturday, 30th March!

Do sports and enjoy the beautiful scenery while canyoning in the Cerves river and bungee jumping against the backdrop of the Miño river.

Canyoning will start at 10:00 a.m. and will last for approximately 3 hours. Afterwards, we will all have lunch at the restaurant “os do Resero”. You can choose whether you want to have all the dishes in the set menu, a single dish or a baguette sandwich. Bungee jumping will begin at 16:00.

Participants are required to:

  • Be able to swim properly (mandatory)
  • Bring safe, slip-resistant sports footwear with adequate soles
  • Bring a spare pair of sports shoes to change after canyoning (very important)
  • Bring swimwear
  • Bring a towel
  • Bring a sports T-shirt (optional)


Some important things that you should know:

  • Professional staff will assist you during the event and provide you with the required equipment
  • Pricing is as follows:
    • Option 1 .- €60 for bungee jumping (one jump) and canyoning
    • Option 2 .- €35 for canyoning
    • Option 3 .- €35 for bungee jumping (two jumps)
    • Option 4 .- €25 for bungee jumping (one jump)
  • If you participate in both activities, transport is included (a van will pick us up in Ourense and drive us back there after the activity). If you participate only in one activity you will have to arrange transport to the event location yourselves (it takes less than 50 min to get to the location of both activities from Ourense.)
  • The activities are offered as a pack, if you decide not to jump there will not be any discount on the price
  • You can give your chance to jump to any other participant if you wish (but you will still not get a discount)
  • Again, do not forget that it is mandatory to be able to swim
  • There is limited availability, so book your seat as soon as possible


In order to book your seat, fill out the FORM to start the booking process and make the payment following the instructions given at the end of the form by Sunday, March 24th, at 23:59. If you have any doubts, send an email to the address written below.

Get ready for a day full of adrenaline and fun!


30/03/2019 - 09:00
Contact details: 
Carlos Varela (
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