We’re already at that point of the year in which our feelings are mixed up and we don’t know if we should be happy for what we’ve lived or sad because it’s ending. We know it’s difficult, there have been many Erasmus in our lives and, believe it or not, volunteers also suffer your absence.

That’s the main reason why this week we’re preparing the International Farewell Dinner. We hope to see you all there with your best dishes (and clothes... :D), so that we can meet one last time as a family.

This Friday 19th, May, at 21:00 in Café de Mario you’ll have the chance of making us all happy with the great cooking skills that many of you have showed so many nights in your apartments, and you can also win a prize. After the dinner, you can show another skills too ;).

In the same line, we have prepared a BIG PARTY after the dinner, where there will be contests, a poll of the most popular erasmus in many categories, prizes for the most original, tastiest and most exotic dishes, special prices for drinks and… many more SURPRISES! 

Rules to COOK are easy:

  • Make groups of up to 8 people.
  • Choose a name for your group and register it in this document (clearly specifying all the members of the team). In order to participate, you have to register before Friday, May 19th, at 16:00.
  • Bring a flag or print one of your country to put next to your dishes.
  • With your team, cook dishes from your country or your nationality (sweet or salty) for a reasonable number of people. Remember the most important thing at cooking is creativity, so it is not necessary to spend too much money.
  • We will provide you with dinnerware: dishes, forks, spoons and serviettes to try the dishes. There will be a microwave to heat the food that you bring, if it’s necessary. You can bring cooking pots, there will be a place to leave them and get them back the following day.
  • We suggest you take selfies while cooking and upload them to the social networks, with the hashtag #ESNVIGOFAMILYDINNER. The pictures will be valuable to choose the best dishes and give the prizes.


  • Place: Café de Mario (Caracas, nº5)
  • Time: Friday, May 19th at 21:00

Admission costs:

  • €2 for those who have the ESNcard and bring some food
  • €5 for those who do not have the ESNcard or are not bringing any food

This admission price includes a drink, which you can choose from these options:

  • 2 soft drinks
  • 2 glasses of beer
  • 1 long drink

PLEASE, BE ON TIME or you will not get to taste the dishes! Come and you will not regret a thing!

19/05/2017 - 21:00
Café de Mario (Rúa Caracas, 5)
2€ (5€ without food)
  • An ESNcard of this section required.