What? Collect plastic caps? 

Yes, you have read well, and it is definitely not a joke. It is in fact an initiative of the SocialErasmus project.

What are they for?

The plastic bottle caps are collected and donated to recycling companies where they are exchanged for money. This money can help seriously ill children that are facing financial problems regarding their treatment or even their medical operations.

Where to drop them?

In the ESN office you will find a container where you can drop all the plastic caps or lids you collected. Just remember: instead of throwing them away, keep them and bring them to us!

Which ones are useful?

AS LONG AS THEY ARE MADE OF PLASTIC, all caps and lids are valid: from bottles of water, cartons of milk, shampoo, deodorant... Even the caps in pens, gas canisters or toothpaste tubes will do!

There are many ways to be supportive!