Both Erasmus students and ESNers enjoyed a great Magosto in Montealegre. This was a celebration full of great moments, lots of fun and good memories to cherish for years to come. However, some other things left from Magosto should not remain there long —and I am not talking about the hangover the day after, but about all the rubbish left behind. For this reason, ESN would like to organise a clean-up in Montealegre so that we can leave nature as it was before we arrived (or even better than we found it).

We invite you all to join us so that we can all spend some time outdoors in a natural environment helping the Earth and showing that Erasmus means something more than neverending parties.

It is essential that as many people as possible participate, so we have created a spreadsheet for you to write your name below the day that suits you best. In this way, we can choose the day when the most people will be available.

Please, don’t forget to write your name as soon as possible in the following LINK:

ESN will try to make it something more than a mere clean-up so that you can all enjoy another great day in our beloved Montealegre. We will share more information with you in the coming days.

We look forward to seeing you!