This is an event in which you will learn different languages, new words and their pronunciations. To encourage teamwork we will divide everyone in different groups, focusing on different languages and nationalities. It will be a fun and interactive activity where you will have to cooperate with your teammates to be the champion, describing an object, place or secret thing that will be presented to you.

We will have an amazing and enjoyable time learning new languages! 

Event dynamic:


We will form multiple teams with different nationalities. Once we set up the groups, one person will be chosen to know the mysterious object, place or thing, and will try to describe it to their teammates, who, afterwards, will write its name in other languages. The more languages, the better! We will play 3 rounds in each group and the team with more points (one point per language) wins.


Encourage cultural diversity using different languages, teamwork, healthy coexistence and good atmosphere.

Date: 18/09

Place: Diversum

Time: 6pm - 9pm

18/09/2023 - 18:00
Diversum Concept Café
Rúa de Venezuela, 35
36203 Vigo Pontevedra