Whether you have just arrived in our city or you have been here for a few months, we would like to invite you to get to know our culture better. That's why we propose you to come with us to the feast of San Blas (San Brais in Galician). To do so, you will have to read very carefully what follows. 
First of all you should know what a furancho is. Furanchos are small provisional bars that wine producers open in their houses to finish off what is left over from the previous year's production. There you can drink wine in the traditional Galician style while tasting tapas of typical food. In Galicia we drink wine in a particular way that you can discover if you join us.
At this time of the year, in the parish of Bembrive, we can find many furanchos due to the celebration of San Blas (February 3rd). So this Saturday, January 27th, we want you to join us and enjoy a different night, visiting the different furanchos that we can find.
What do I need for the event?
CASH!! We’ll be having dinner in a furancho we’ve already booked, and they don’t accept credit cards. Besides, the bus ticket will cost you €1.50 unless you have your PassVigo with you.
Nothing else! No special dress code or ticket is required!
How will we go to Bembrive?
There will be a volunteer from ESN Vigo waiting for you at the Meeting Point:
8:00 p.m. at Pizarro street, nº 10 to take the L6 bus (Vitrasa).
How will we get back?
The only way to get back from Bembrive at night is by taxi.  The journey Bembrive - City centre usually costs approximately €10. Sharing between four people will be about €2.50 per person approximately. In case you cannot find a taxi, the telephone numbers to ask for one are the following.
986 47 00 00 or 986 27 28 29
If you have any questions, please contact Ana Méndez (ana.mendez@esnvigo.org ).
We look forward to seeing you in Bembrive!


27/01/2024 - 20:00
Meeting Point: 
Bus stop near Rua Pizarro Nº 10