To start the semester and have a good time getting to know each other and sharing our cultures, we would like to invite you to our awaited International Dinner.

Not only are we going to eat, which is very important, but it is also the perfect occasion to meet new people and have fun in this adventure with ESN Vigo.
The main objective is to cook something traditional from your home countries, so that you can all try different dishes.

The International Dinner is the perfect moment to show your culinary skills and surprise more than one person. But the most important thing is to enjoy a great evening together.

The main idea is that each nationality prepares one or more dishes typical of their country. These dishes will be shared with the rest to finally vote for our favourites.

Here are some tips on how to participate:

  • People from each country can participate as a group or individually.
  • Each nationality can contribute one or several typical dishes of their gastronomy.
  • We will taste the meals and vote for the winning dishes of the evening.
  • You can bring your dishes and other cooking utensils and our friends from Charlotte will keep them for you so that you can pick them up the next day.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 5 October at 21:30h in Charlotte.

05/10/2023 - 21:30
Charlotte (Rúa Bedoya, 18)
  • Everyone is invited.