HO,HO,HO! Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

There come times to be with the family and the Erasmus family has to celebrate his own Christmas dinner all together. So, from ESN Vigo-Campus Ourense, we propose you to do an International Christmas Dinner.

The objective is that, in your price range, bring a local Christmas dish that eats in your countries. From ESN, for our part, we will offer you something very typical of Spanish Christmas, the bells of New Year with the grapes. Are you ready for celebrate the New Year with us?

But in a Christmas dinner the gifts cannot be absent, because of it, also we propose you to play the SECRET SANTA. The game consists of the fact that you know whom you have to give, but you will not know the one who gives you the present. To participate, you have to inscribe you in the document excel and we will do the drawing and we will say to you to whom you have to give the gift. We have established a maximum of THREE EUROS (3€) for gift, because it's only a little present, so you can develop your imagination and originality.

13/12/2019 - 22:00