Guys, get ready to enjoy the last big party of the summer, and also, the first big party of your Erasmus year.

A day when the city of Pontevedra turns back completely to the Middle Age, so try to dress up accordingly (not necessary to enjoy the party, but way funnier indeed).

We are having a meeting point to go from Vigo at 14:45 in Guixar train station, where we will catch the train to Pontevedra.

Here's the programming prepared for you:

  • 17:30: Colossal medieval tournament at the bullfighting arena - First session (you have to attend this one if you need to go back to Vigo or Ourense at night)
  • 20:00: Medieval tournament - Second session


Anyway, we should meet a bit earlier to go there all together and be there a bit in advance to take good seats.

And only for the strongest, the bravest and fearless, who want to try Pontevedra´s party, we provide you with the train schedule for coming back

Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy one of the best parties in the world!! You won't probably find another like it!

See you in Pontevedra.


07/09/2019 - 14:45
Meeting Point: 
Vigo Guixar train station
  • Everyone is invited.