Welcome to our first Beer Pong Tournament of this term!

Let’s spice up next Thursday’s night with something special: a team beer-pong tournament, no less! Come and test your aim and compete for the victory. As in any tournament, the three top teams will win a prize. And if beer is not your thing, you can come and see how others are fighting for glory. The show is guaranteed.

Rules of the tournament:

  • Only a maximum of 16 teams are allowed
  • Each team must have 2 members
  • Direct and bouncing shots (only one bounce) are allowed
  • Bouncing shots will count as double (except if there are only 2 cups remaining), but the defending team can block them once they have touched the table
  • During their team turn, each of the team members will perform one shot
  • Players must always stay behind the table and must not block the movement of the ball or the visibility of the cups.

What do I have to do to participate in this tournament? 

  • Fill in the following FORM
  • Be eager to win!

Also, you will have to be at Charlotte at 10 p.m. or your team might be replaced.

See you on Thursday 22nd to find out which team will take victory home!


22/02/2024 - 22:00
Rúa Bedoya,18
32004 Ourense Ourense