Enjoy C.D. Coliseum's "ERASMUS" fee with your ESNcard. The fee is €24 monthly and its terms are the following:  

  • Complete access to all the facilities at any time during the opening hours, including the basic activities that are already included in the other fees.
  • The "ERASMUS" fee doesn't need either a registration fee or an enrolment payment for the first membership. In case somebody wants to stop using the facilities for a one-month period, he or she must inform about it 6 days in advance before the renewal of the fee in order to access to the maintenance fee (a €10/month fee that allows people to access twice).
  • When somebody registers, he or she must pay €10 for the entry pass as a deposit. This money is returned when people unsubscribe only if they give back the entry pass.
  • In case a person registered with an "ERASMUS" fee does not pay 2 consecutive fees, his or her registration will be automatically cancelled.