Beach lovers, you are in luck!

This year we had a reaaaaally long summer, but everything comes to an end, life is hard. That's why we have thought in enjoying a last beach day all together saying goodbye to it in the best of the ways, spending the evening playing different sports (we will bring our volley net), and closing the day there having dinner accompanied by the stars.

All of us will bring our own dinner or buy it over the place if you prefer, and some warm clothes because temperatures will go down at night, although human warmth always helps.

See you this 11th Wednesday at O Vao’s Beach from 17:00 and we will take the last bus at 22:00 to go back to the city.

You can start studying the constellations!


11/10/2017 - 17:00
O Vao’s Beach
  • Everyone is invited.