All of you finally land in Vigo and it’s time to have fun together. As we know you are hungry and that you want to have a good time, we want to invite you to our awaited International Dinner: the perfect time to eat more than ever and have fun as always in the most genuine ESN Vigo style.
The International Dinner is the perfect setting to show everybody your cooking skills, to discover a bunch of delicious typical dishes from other countries and to compete against those dishes with your own creations; but also, most important, to enjoy a great night together.
The main goal is to cook something which is traditional in your home countries, so that everybody gets to try all dishes. With this aim, we will supply you with a microwave for heating your food, plastic cups and plates, cutlery and napkins so that everybody can taste your delicious recipes.

Rules to cook are simple:
- Make groups of 3 to 8 people. Preferably from the same nationality.
- Choose a name for your group and register it in this REGISTRATION FORM : (clearly specifying of all members of the team who is part of ESN and who is not). In order to participate, you have to register before Friday, Feb. 15th, at 12:00. After this deadline you can still make groups and cook, but you won’t participate in the best dishes contest.
- With your team, cook dishes from your country (sweet or salty) for a reasonable number of people.

Remember the most important thing about cooking is creativity, so it is not necessary to spend too much money (€3 or €4 per person should be enough).
We will give you a piece of paper to write down the dish name and the ingredients in order to warn allergic people and vegans. Do not forget to do this before displaying your dish.
You should display your dishes (you will have a table assigned for this) and wait for the signal to eat. It is forbidden to start eating before the signal.
You can bring cooking pots, utensils for serving, etc., as there will be a place to leave them and get them back the following day.

Please, BE RESPECTFUL with the owners of the place and do not bring alcohol. However, a typical liquor in small quantities is allowed.

We suggest you take selfies while cooking and upload them to social networks with the hashtag #ESNVigoInternationalDinner. The best picture and the best dishes will be rewarded. (Don’t forget to make them public or post them in the Facebook group so we can see them).

This event will take place during the evening on Friday, Feb. 15th from 21:00 h onwards, in a place reserved for us called Café de Mario (Calle Caracas, 5). It will be a private party!

Admission costs:
- €2,5 for those who have the ESNcard and bring food (with the form completed).
- €5 for those who do not have the ESNcard or do not bring food.

This admission price includes a drink, which you can choose from these options:
- 2 soft drinks / 2 beers / 2 glasses of wine
- a pint of beer/ glass of Galician spirits
- a long drink

PLEASE BE ON TIME or you will not get to taste the dishes! Come, you will not regret it

15/02/2019 - 21:00