December has just begun and with it the time of warming reunions around a table to share experiences, memories and food… CHRISTMAS is here!!!

December also announces that the semester is coming to an end and many of you will be going back home. Together, we have spent incredible days this semester in Pontevedra, we have started new and honest friendships, and we have forged links that will always be stuck in our minds.

This is why the big ESN Vigo family wants us to gather to celebrate the dearest and most popular event of the semester: the INTERNATIONAL CHRISTMAS DINNER!

On Friday, December 15th, at O Rincón de Franeta, from 22:00 onwards, you will be able to show the Chef you have inside and share with the rest of us all the delicious and tasty Christmas dishes you have prepared. Do not be afraid of cooking, all your effort will be rewarded with great prizes! This is all about cooking traditional dishes from your country, so that we can all taste and rate them.

Rules to COOK are easy:

  • Make groups of 5 to 8 people.
  • Choose a name for your group and register it in this document (specifying all the members of the team. In order to participate, you have to register before Friday, 15th at 16:00.
  • You can bring a flag or print one of your country to put next to your dishes.
  • With your team, cook dishes from your country or your nationality (sweet or salty) for a reasonable number of people. It is not allowed to bring any drink to the ID.
  • Remember the most important thing at cooking is creativity, so it is not necessary to spend too much money.
  • We will provide you with dinnerware: dishes, forks, spoons and serviettes to try the dishes.
  • You can bring cooking pots, trays… to the venue.

Besides, with your ESNcard you will enjoy special discounts:

  • Beer:
    • Estrella: €1.80
    • 1906: €1.80
  • Cocktails: €3
  • Soft Drinks: €1

PLEASE BE ON TIME or you will not get to taste the dishes! Come and you will not regret a thing!

15/12/2017 - 22:00
O Rincón de Franeta (Rúa da Ponte, 10, 36002 Pontevedra, España)
  • An ESNcard of this section required.