Valentine's Day just passed by and you didn't have the chance of getting the kiss of your dreams… No worries!! Here is the INSTANT KISS PARTY where we assure you will get a kiss that you won't never forget.

From a "Hollywood kiss" to a "Just a kiss on the lips"... Or what about a "wild and savage kiss"??...

At the Instant Kiss Party this Friday, February 23rdat Ferré from 00:30 h onwards, we will play the kissing game! Each of you will receive a bracelet with a colour that will determine the type of kiss you will get.

Join us to discover the different kiss categories, to put them into practice and to discover the KISSING POINT!!! Good music, an incredible environment and more surprises will be waiting for you!

As usual, if you are an ESNcard holder, you'll have FREE ENTRY (€2 without it) and a free shot until 03.00 h!

These are the discounts you will enjoy thanks to your ESNcard:

  • Beer: €2
  • Long drinks:  €4.00
23/02/2018 - 23:45
Ferré - Rúa do Areal, 14, 36201 Vigo, Pontevedra
Free entry (€2 without ESNcard)
  • Everyone is invited.