Next Thursday, 30th November, from 23:59 onwards…
Come to our Fluor Erasmus Party!

It’s finally the day in which you will glow in the dark just like a shooting star! At this party there’ll be fluorescent paint for you to play with, paint your face and have a blast along with your party friends! Just a tip: you can choose a white shirt to come to the party so that you will become more visible in the dark.
See you at PAGODA next Thursday, 5th from 23:59 onwards to have a fun night full of lights and excellent music! 
And as usual if you are an ESNcard holder, you’ll enjoy FREE ENTRANCE (€2 without it) and free shot until 2:30 am!
These are the special discounts with your ESNcard:

  • Beer €2.50
  • Cocktails €3.50
  • Shoots €1.00


05/12/2019 - 23:45
  • Everyone is invited.