December and the Christmas season are finally here! This is the month to get your Christmas tree, the Nativity Scene, all the decorations...and do not forget that Santa Claus and The Three Wise Men are also coming! From ESN Vigo we think we should welcome this season in the best possible way: with a big party you cannot miss! Many of you have been here in Vigo since the beginning of September and so you already experienced an important cultural event such as Halloween but not yet CHRISTMAS!

It will be a great chance for you get all together and have fun with your friends, as we know you will miss your loved ones in this special time of the year. Each of you may have your own Christmas traditions but… now you have the chance to celebrate it in a different way and maybe take with your these new traditions back to your home.

THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF A BEAUTIFUL AND JOYFUL Christmas experience in Vigo. See you at Ferré next Thursday 7th, December from 00:30am onwards.

As usual, you will enjoy FREE ENTRANCE with your ESNcard (€2 without it) and a free shot until 03.00 am!

These are the discounts you will enjoy thanks to your ESNcard:

  • Beer: €2.00
  • Cocktails: €4.00
07/12/2017 - 23:45
Rúa do Areal, 14, 36201 Vigo, Pontevedra
Free entry (€2 without ESNcard)