Looking for a Thursday night plan? We’ve got the right one for you! Join ESN Vigo for a chat and Beer Pong night. Come and show us your aiming skills and don’t worry if you’re not feeling like an expert, for tonight’s aim is to have fun and the rules of each match will be determined by its own players. 

IMPORTANT: In order to participate you’ll have to register your team by writing down your names on a list and paying a fee of 1€ (0,50 cents per person) on the same night of the event. There’ll be a total of 16 matches and teams will be allowed to play strictly following the order of the registration sheet. So don’t miss your chance by being too late.

See you this Thursday the 27th at 23:00h in la Goulette. You can’t miss it!

Remember, with your ESNcard you´ll get the following discounts at the bar:

  • Drinks 4,00€
  • Half pint of Mahou beer: 1,50€
  • Beers (bottle): 1,50€
  • Cocktails for 4,00€
  • Discount of 1€ on special brands
27/02/2020 - 23:00
  • Everyone is invited.